One Year On

Reflections and predictions from the impact of COVID-19 and the path to building stronger resilience

On Tuesday 23 March 2020, the Prime Minister announced in a national address, the first UK lockdown. So much has changed since. The tragic loss of life and the toll on individual’s health through to economic disruption and general uncertainty.

Crises, as the wisdom goes, can also show us at our best. Displays of duty and service have reminded us of values like sacrifice, community and solidarity. And not just from our frontline workers, rightly lauded as heroes, but from all parts of society.

While we are still responding to the pandemic in many respects, we can still try and make sense of it and what its legacy might be. Again, there are no certainties, just possibilities. The pandemic is gaining us all a new understanding of the world.

One Year On attempts to wrestle from our experience the significant changes, shifts and trends shaping tomorrow. Having the right mind-set, resources and capabilities to thrive before, during and after adversity is one of the indisputable lessons of the year.

Discover our future predictions including:

Operational resilience

What have we learnt about resilience and how to achieve it?

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Financial resilience

How have organisations maintained financial health?

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Reputational resilience

What effect has COVID-19 had on public trust and corporate reputation?

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People & work

How has COVID-19 changed leaders and the workforce?

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Supply chain

What is the legacy on supply chain strategies?

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Crisis management

What does it now mean to be crisis ready?

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Risk management

How will risk management be different?

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What are the lessons for cyber security and digital infrastructure?

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Climate change

Has COVID-19 changed our response to climate change?

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