Winning the cyber war

Enabling UK business now and in the future

This survey, conducted in association with Symantec, presents the findings from an online survey of 500 UK IT decision makers. Find out how they feel about the state of their corporate security strategy today, their data security defences their culture and priorities.

Cyber attacks are entering a new era. Increasingly sophisticated attacks present a growing threat for companies and contribute to unprecedented reputational and financial damage to businesses. The stakes are high for companies lacking the necessary security resources, and even higher for those ambivalent or unreactive to information protection issues. Our research reveals that despite the growing data security anxiety, many UK companies currently lack both the confidence and expertise to effectively tackle cyber attacks.

The invisible challenge

Many UK organisations feel they are not adequately equipped to deal with the growing threat posed by cyber crime despite a majority of them placing IT security at the top of their agenda. The challenge for organisations is to have a clearer understanding of the risks posed by cyber threats and the level of protection needed to combat those threats.

The unrelenting cost

Organisations still lack the necessary resources to ward off or effectively respond to cyber attacks. This means businesses that have sustained an attack suffer from both short and long term consequences affecting their bottom line and reputation.

Business must be the driver of change

Whilst information is deemed as important for an organisation it is often not treated as completely confidential, putting valuable internal and external information at risk. Organisations can only improve their cyber resilience by encouraging a more proactive data security mindset and creating a culture of security.

Arming your business with confidence today and tomorrow

Despite the advancement of cyber crime, techniques to fight it are keeping pace. We outline three areas companies should focus on today to win the cyber war:

  • Knowing your enemy
  • Educating from the inside
  • Implementing cyber resilience
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