The challenge

Getting the balance right between understanding and controlling the risks facing your business, whilst building complex mathematical models to quantify extreme capital losses can be a challenging task for any financial institution - taking up valuable energy and focus of analysts who end up spending more time on the latter.

Capital Clarity provides direct access to our powerful capital modelling toolkit. It is a prebuilt solution that combines customer and business knowledge with our traditional capital solutions to resolve classic capital challenges, particularly for operational, credit and concentration risk.

Built by risk modelling professionals and developed in compliance with the latest regulations and governance needs, Capital Clarity provides a blend of customer, business and risk knowledge with our latest internal capital solutions to give you the confidence in understanding and controlling your business risks.


Combine insight

Blend your customer, business and risk knowledge with our latest capital solutions.

Save time

Use pre-built solutions to maximise time and effort spent understanding and controlling risks.

Build trust

Employ models you can understand and trust to gain the confidence to let quantitative results inform business decisions.

Keep current

Implement a secure and quick solution, compliant with the latest regulations and governance needs.


Easy to access portal

Fully secure web-hosted service

24/7 direct model access

Covers Operational, Credit & Concentration Risk Types

Audit trail of model run

Transparent calculation engine


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How it works

How it works

Choose risk type

Input risk profile

Run the model

Analyse results

Generate reports

Resolve your capital challenges and take control of your business risks with confidence

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