Corporate Security

Is cybersecurity alone enough to protect your business against threats?

Corporate security is becoming an increasing priority in the business world. We explore how it helps protect businesses from a wide range of disruptive events and security risks.

Our increasingly digital world means that organisations are facing a new generation of cyber-physical threats
When we hear the terms “security” and “IT” together, we often think of cybersecurity first. After all, cybersecurity breaches make global headlines on an almost daily basis.

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How do you embed security into employees' DNA?

Embedding security into employees' DNA requires more than generic training & awareness raising activities. We explore the mechanisms to create a sustainable shift in security culture.

Embedding security into our employees' DNA
Training and awareness campaigns are integral in keeping employees informed and engaged. However, we’ve observed that these are not always designed to enable a true cultural shift.

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Could employees be your greatest asset or your weakest link?

With 34% of data breached involving internal actors, insider risk is a rising issue within the workplace. Adoption of the right security culture plays a key role in mitigating its risk.

Tackling risks from within: why security culture is so vital in dealing with non-malicious insider threats
Most organisations will acknowledge that people are their greatest asset, but could they be forgetting that employees can also be their weakest link?

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Is digitisation essential for organisations to remain competitive and enhance decision making on security issues?

We explore how digitisation and automation drive cost reduction and efficiency, while making security risk management practitioners more informed and better prepared.

Security risk management in the digital age
Security teams have often relied on manual processes to assess an organisation’s operational risks and controls – think traditional site security risk assessments done with a clipboard.

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