Crisis and Resilience Services

Deloitte offers a breadth of Crisis and Resilience services at each stage of the crisis lifecycle to support clients to identify, assess, prevent, prepare, respond and recover from crises. Whatever your challenge, find out how Crisis and Resilience can help you.

Identify and Assess – Risks

Risk is a part of business. But it can only be effectively managed when it is properly understood. We put knowledge and real world experience to work in helping clients understand their vulnerabilities, and minimise the unknown. Our large and diverse group of specialists use the power of their collective insight to help you identify and assess risks before they advance into issues and crises.


Prevent and Prepare – Issues

Armed with some knowledge of your risks, you may feel strong – but it is very rare that there is no weak link. We find it, watch it and fix it before it breaks. We help you prevent. If, despite everything, a crisis does hit you’ll be relieved if you’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge. You’d be even more comfortable if you knew you also had a trusted partner on call, ready for the pressure and with proven capability to help you through it. We help you with:


Respond and Recover – Crises 

You will face some kind of critical situation, sometime. What matters then is the speed and accuracy of critical decisions and communications. We have stood side by side with global clients facing threats and supported them in the eye of the storm. We help you respond.

The road back can be long. The drama may be over, but the work of repair has only just begun. We have helped some of the world’s best known businesses to find out what really happened. We get to the root cause, fix it and manage the long tail of post-crisis issues to help you emerge stronger and more confident. We help you recover.

  • Claims management
  • Scalable operational support

Emerge stronger – New normal

The repercussions of a crisis may be long lasting and multifaceted. However, by leveraging the knowledge and experience gained, you can build value throughout your organisation and emerge stronger. Business as usual may now look and feel very different: enhanced strategic governance, new operational control mechanisms and procedures. We can help you find this new normal.

  • Post event review