Crisis communication

Wherever a crisis emerges in an organisation, it is always felt most in the communications function.

Crises put an organisation under intense public and media scrutiny, so communications is almost always the busiest function in a crisis. And it is not only the communications function that is doing the communicating. Chairmen, chief executives, heads of business and others are thrust into the limelight, whilst internal and external audiences look to a range of people for information and opinion.

We are world-renowned for our leadership position in crisis communication. Communications leaders and teams trust our advice and support when they are put under enormous organisational and functional pressure. They also trust us to enhance their crisis communication capability during ‘peacetime’, through structural redesigns, awareness raising, crisis communication training and crisis exercises.

Our crisis communication offering includes:

  • Crisis communication preparedness assessments – understand how ready an organisation is to communicate in a crisis.
  • Crisis communication preparedness consultancy – advice on crisis communication plans, structure, process and programme roll-out.
  • Crisis communication training – a suite of training and coaching sessions to prepare people to communicate in a crisis.
  • Crisis communication exercises – rehearse and test people and processes.
  • CR24 – 24/7 issues resolution and crisis response support
  • Live crisis response support – support from specialist crisis communication consultants when you most need it.
  • Post crisis communication review and recovery – understand how your crisis communication processes and people fared during a crisis, and use the ‘crisis opportunity’ to effect.

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