Cyber Strategy

Strategy services help clients establish strategic direction and structures, and develop effective cyber risk reporting. They support the creation of executive-led cyber risk programmes that examine threat exposure, account for the client’s risk appetite, and address requirements to be secure, vigilant, and resilient. You don’t have to do this alone. We can help.

Organisations are increasingly dependent on complex technology ecosystems to interact with customers and third parties in new ways, use data to improve decision-making, and increase reach and profitability. As cyber attacks occur with greater frequency and severity, board members and executives are becoming aware that technology-based innovations and initiatives open doors to cyber risks and pose greater governance challenges.

A recent survey from the UK Institute of Directors revealed that only 57% of respondents “said they had a formal cyber/information security strategy”, and a sobering 47% “didn’t know where their data was stored”.

Our capabilities include:

Cyber Strategy, Transformation & Assessments

Helps organisations identify and understand the key business risks and cyber threat exposures in order to measure cyber maturity. To accomplish this, we use our unique Cyber Strategy Framework. It captures an organisation’s unique characteristics and current and target state capability maturity, and contains a library of good practice attributes to work towards as part of a cyber strategy.

In support of this strategy we help organisation define the necessary cyber target operating model to achieve and maintain the target state. We also, help mobilise, manage and deliver cyber security transformation programmes to drive maturity increase and reduce overall cyber risk.


  • Cyber Target Operating Model
  • Cyber Transformation
  • Cyber Strategy & Maturity Assessments

Cyber Strategy Framework (CSF)

We have launched a framework that enables us to record our clients cyber threats and maturity and track this in a bespoke platform. The framework provides a structured and consistent way to measure cyber security capability and build a prioritised roadmap and cyber strategy that is transparent and justifiable to your key business stakeholders.

The CSF uses our best of breed cyber capability model that aligns to industry good practice such as NIST/ISO27001, and is enhanced by our security practitioners for increased coverage and relevance.

The CSF platform helps illustrate current maturity and provide consistent supporting reports to help show benefits following cyber investments, trends of how cyber maturity has increased or exposure to specific cyber threat.

Cyber Risk Management & Compliance

Assists clients with establishing quantitative measures to continuously evaluate their security status. This enables organisations to monitor and report on cyber risk, and act promptly on results that fall outside agreed thresholds or risk appetites.

Our services can also provide organisations with guidance on achieving, assessing and delivering compliance programmes, including but not limited to PCI DSS, ISO27001, and privacy, data protection and industry specific regulations.


  • Cyber Risk Metrics 
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Third Party Cyber Risk Management 
  • Security Policies & Standards
  • Security Control Frameworks
  • Security Compliance 
  • Security Regulation


Cyber Risk Culture & Behaviour

The services provide guidance and delivery of training and insider threat protection to educate users and executives, change behaviours, and create a culture of security awareness.


  • Cyber Risk Culture 
  • Training & Awareness
  • Insider Risk