Cyber Resilient

Resilient services help clients to prepare for, and respond to, cyber incidents. Don't wait until an attack is successful. We can help.

Today's business, technology and cyber threat environments are complex and rapidly changing, and business leaders are beginning to accept that not all cyber incidents can be prevented. Some incidents have the potential to become full-blown business crises. The extent of the damage depends largely on how rapidly the situation is analysed, how decisively leaders take action, and how effectively teams interact with customers, media, legal counsel, law enforcement and industry peers.

A recent report from Symantec noted that 429 million personal identities were exposed in 2015 data breaches, a 23% annual increase. These figures are moving steadily upwards and show no sign of decreasing. According to research from the Infosec Institute, hackers infiltrate and sit inside compromised networks for an average of 200 days before being detected. This means that many organisations have been hacked but are completely unaware.

Our capabilities include:

Cyber Crisis Management

These services reduce the likelihood of cyber disruptions, respond more effectively when they do occur, and limit their impact by recovering faster, with the aim of emerging stronger. This works across all organisational levels and focuses on how clients transition from incident to crisis and, in particular, how senior members engage in strategic decision-making.

We can dispatch skilled crisis management experts when an incident occurs to assist clients with technical analysis, containment and post-incident recovery. It covers the end-to-end incident lifecycle - from preparation activities and stakeholder engagement through to incident management and technical remediation.

Where breaches occur, we can examine incidents for the purpose of investigating cyber crime, determining the nature, extent, means and origin and apply expert witness techniques. Complementarily we can examine incidents, during and after, to understand the root causes, effectiveness of response, and adequacy of remediation. It aims to establish the facts for clients on ‘what went wrong’, ‘how it happened’ and ‘how effectively we responded’.


  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Business Resilience & Recovery
  • IT Resilience & Recovery
  • Investigation & Forensics
  • Crisis Management
  • Independent Post-event Review


Cyber Incident Readiness

This services create an environment for client teams to simulate incidents, allowing them to develop coordinated responses and identify areas that need improvement in order to prepare for a real-world situation.

Our experts can create and/or enhance client contingency plans for responding to generic, specific cyber attacks or other disruptions.


  • Cyber War Gaming
  • Cyber Incident Response Playbook