Cyber Vigilant

Vigilant services use deep experience with analytic and correlation technologies to help clients develop monitoring capabilities focused on critical business processes. By integrating threat, IT and business data, our experts can help clients effectively prioritise incident handling and streamline incident investigation.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent digital infiltrations and unauthorised activity. Organisations need advanced threat awareness and detection and intelligence solutions to rapidly identify anomalous activity.

Our capabilities include:

Cyber Intelligence Centre

Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre integrates state-of-the-art technology with industry insight to provide business- focused operational security. With 24x7 coverage, we monitor and assess threats specific to an organisation, enabling swift and effective mitigation of cyber risk and increased resilience. Our experts go beyond technical feeds to contextualise relevant threats and determine the risk to client business, customers and stakeholders.


  • Cyber Watch
  • Cyber Monitor
  • Advanced Cyber Threat Analytics (ACTA)
  • Threat Intelligence & Analysis


Advanced Threat Preparation

This services evaluate client security through proactive and authorised exploitation of system vulnerabilities. Our tests may scan for service and application flaws, improper configurations, and risky user behaviour. Attacks are simulated in a realistic yet controlled manner, using many of the same tools, techniques and procedures of genuine attackers.


  • Red Teaming (inc. CBEST, Advanced Pen Testing)
  • Malware Compromise Assessment
  • Tactical Network Exploitation


Cyber Risk Analytics

We looks at user, system and network behaviour and examines data for variations that indicate suspicious behaviour, anomalies, or other indicators of cyber attack or vulnerability. We also design, implement and deliver cyber analytic solution frameworks.


  • Advanced Cyber Threat Analytics (ACTA) - Delivered by our Cyber Intelligence Centre
  • Security Intelligence Platform


Security Operations Centre

The services offer guidance on designing, building and managing effective business-integrated Security Operations Centres (SOCs), including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool selection and advanced log analytical technology services. Our managed security monitoring services are provided from our Cyber Intelligence Centre where we provide business driven analysis and reporting on key cyber events impacting organisations.


  • SOC Advisory
  • Security Event Monitoring (Cyber Monitor)
  • SOC Deployment Management


Threat Intelligence & Analysis

We collects, filters and analyses threat information to produce relevant findings aligned to client strategy and intelligence requirements. We also publish actionable intelligence with recommendations, drawing from our experience and broad industry and cyber threat landscape knowledge.


  • Cyber Threat Intelligence (Cyber Watch)
  • Forecasting Emerging Threats
  • Threat Modelling