Deloitte and ICIX alliance

Get greater visibility of your ESG impact across your entire supply chain

Deloitte and ICIX create an alliance to enable you to better understand the ESG impact of your value chain.

For most companies, Scope 3 emissions represent a much greater proportion of their carbon footprint than operational emissions (Scope 1 and 2). They’re also something they have much less control over. While some companies are making good progress in understanding the emissions they generate directly, mapping their Scope 3 emissions is a far bigger challenge.

ICIX’s leading ESG carbon value chain technology platform is unique in that it takes into account companies Scope 3 carbon emissions. It also covers a breadth of other ESG value chain challenges including safety, human rights, diversity and inclusion.

The platform enables automation of emissions data collection and consolidation, supports analysis and reporting across a company’s value chain and accelerates the speed in which a company can report information, enhancing transparency and engagement within its own organisation and across its stakeholder community.

As mandatory climate disclosures are introduced for businesses across the UK, it’s key they have a clear and detailed picture of their emissions and a clear path towards net zero. Our alliance with ICIX, a Riskonnect company, supports our existing sustainability services. This ensures our clients can access the very latest strategic and technological tools to address their individual ESG challenges and work towards a more sustainable future.

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Key contacts

Tim Archer

Tim Archer

UK Climate & Sustainability Leader

Tim is the Strategic Risk Leader for North and South Europe.  He leads the teams that provide services around Sustainability (ESG), Extended Enterprise Risk Management, Resilience, ERM and Regulatory ... More

Mark Bethell

Mark Bethell


Mark Bethell is a partner in the UK Extended Enterprise (“EE”) practice. Mark rejoined Deloitte in 2015 after spending four years at a global FTSE 5 company. Whilst working there Mark led the design a... More