Deloitte Moneyback


Deloitte Moneyback

Enabling best practice in accounts payable

Use our online service to help you recover cash and improve controls.

Crude estimates suggest that up to 0.3% of all spend paid through accounts payable is duplicated, which means all organisations are giving away cash to their suppliers.

For a small fee organisations can use Moneyback to identify these cash recovery opportunities, typically returning much more than it costs to use the service.

With continuous pressure to deliver savings and improve accounts payable processes and controls, it is critical that errors are systematically identified and resolved. 

Deloitte quality from only £250
Moneyback delivers value by seamlessly combining Deloitte analytics, experience, specialist knowledge and technology at a low cost.

Easy access, intuitive to use
Moneyback is a fully online service designed by accounts payable recovery specialists. It’s available now. There is no software to install - all you need is an internet connection and your AP data!

You are in control
With Moneyback, there are no third parties accessing your systems or liaising with your suppliers. You decide what happens, when and how.

To register and start finding your recovery opportunities visit: