Documentation Intelligence

Enabling process automation through complex document digitisation

Digital and risk transformations are being driven by business process automation and the adoption of new technologies, but there are still many tasks that are not easily digitised.

Documentation Intelligence is a new cloud based solution from Deloitte that takes standard Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to the next level of sophistication by introducing machine learning powered extraction and analysis, combined with our business process expertise.

Reduce complex document processing time from days to minutes

Using Documentation Intelligence you can transform complex credit risk processes that currently rely on data in unstructured documents and time consuming human analysis eg: financial spreading, financial prospecting, payslips, surveyor valuations, tax returns, bank statements, contracts and more.

Documentation Intelligence extracts data from tables and notes in long and complex documents. Our solution can ingest, manipulate, aggregate and deliver this data in the required format to downstream users and applications, in order to:

  • Increase speed & efficiency; quickly extract the data you need from large volumes of documents;
  • Increase quality & accuracy; reliably extract data and benefit from the scale and constant optimisation of our solution;
  • Free up capacity; allow you analysts to focus on more valuable and complex tasks; and
  • Improve customer experience; reduce customer response times from days to minutes.

Advanced, reliable, data extraction

Typical OCR and document ingestion tools are not optimised for tabular and note based financial data extraction. Documentation Intelligence uses a combination of OCR engines, metadata, machine learning, rules, algorithms and tagging to identify required data points and context and reliably re-reconstruct data.

Scalable, secure and flexible cloud solution

Documentation Intelligence can ingest your documents via a user interface, API integration with your applications, RPA robots or from external data sources such as Companies House. Documentation Intelligence uses a serverless cloud architecture to rapidly process extract, and manipulate at scale. The solution offers flexibility as a pay-as-you-use service, and can be customised and trained for your specific process needs.

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Damian Hales


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