Ethics and Compliance Maturity Assessment

Continuously improving

If you're looking to improve the overall maturity of your ethics & compliance functions, we assist clients with targeted current state assessments, compliance audits and culture reviews.

Organisations change over time, as do the geographies and environments within which they operate, the suppliers and customers they interact with and the landscape of regulations they must comply with. Ethics & Compliance functions must position themselves to adapt and respond to these changes.

Building an Ethics & Compliance function should not be a tick box exercise. It should help a business grow safely. Providing the guardrails necessary to ensure it is operating responsibly and meet stakeholder expectations. In doing this, it is necessary for an Ethics & Compliance function to regularly hold up the mirror and ask themselves the following questions:

  • Are we still relevant?
  • Do we add value?
  • Do we really know our business?

Continuous improvement is a fundamental part of any successful Ethics & Compliance function and should ideally be performed by someone independent, for example Internal Audit or a third party. The intent of this should be to provide constructive feedback on the current state of the function and suggested areas of focus for the future. This can be a useful tool for a variety of stakeholders to demonstrate the relevance and value of the Ethics & Compliance function.

We provide assurance and advisory services to help improve the maturity of Ethics & Compliance functions, examples include:

  • Current State Assessment – over all or part of your Ethics & Compliance function
  • Ethics & Compliance Internal Audits
  • Culture Reviews

Key contacts

Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor


Lauren is a Partner specialising in Ethics & Regulatory Compliance and is the Energy, Resources & Industrials (ER&I) leader for our Risk Advisory (RA) service line. Having run our Ethics & Compliance ... More

Marcus White

Marcus White

Senior Manager

Marcus is a Senior Manager within the Strategic Risk team, having re-joined Deloitte in April 2021. Prior to this, he worked as an EMEA Risk & Governance Advisor at Google, where he supported the deve... More

Laurie Gilchrist

Laurie Gilchrist

Director, Ethics & Regulatory Compliance

Laurie is a Director in Deloitte’s Ethics & Regulatory Compliance team and is the Governance, Risk and Compliance Lead for Internet Regulation across Deloitte’s EMEA team, focusing on the impact of in... More