Internal audit

Assurance in a changing world

As the external environment continues to change, the demand placed on internal audit functions has never been greater. Our focus on you and your business means that your success is always our top priority. With one of the largest dedicated internal audit practices, both in the UK and globally, we have the breadth and capability to support your business needs. We pride ourselves in completely immersing ourselves in your business, getting in, rolling up our sleeves and are totally relentless in our task to make your business work smarter.    Internal audit should be a change agent around governance, risk and control; helping management drive improved, right first time, business performance.  

Internal audit effectiveness

The Combined Code on Corporate Governance and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) call for a regular quality assessment of the Internal Audit function, with the IIA recommending that the assessment be performed by external parties at least once every five years.
We have the skills and experience to carry out a robust and independent review of your internal audit function and assist in the implementation of improvement recommendations. Our ‘5Ps’ methodology goes beyond the IIA and ICAEW guidance to improve the strategic positioning of your internal audit function in five fundamental areas .

We can apply our bespoke survey tool to compare how internal audit views itself with the perceptions of stakeholders. Our external benchmark information is updated each year and is based on UK public and private sector organisations analysed by industry. This enables us to contrast your organisation with real relevant information, rather than tired global comparatives

Specialist experience

Internal audit operates in a rapidly changing environment: increased regulatory scrutiny; the “global” reach of the law; media interest in corporate scandals; the challenging economic climate; and growth of digital media, to name but a few. The need for specialist skills has never been greater.

The key to successfully using specialists is flexibility. You may simply want advice in developing your annual internal audit plan or in developing a detailed programme of work. Alternatively, you may want to have our specialists plan, execute the field work, produce the final report and sit alongside you at the audit committee. We can support you with any or all of the above.

Flexible staffing models

Increasingly, internal audit functions are using flexible staffing models or external suppliers to meet their resourcing needs; today 75% of organisations co-source the delivery of at least part of their internal audit plan.

In-house   Outsourced

Where your internal audit function is staffed in-house, we can provide additional resources to meet both your short and medium term resource constraints, whether in the UK or overseas.

This flexibility provides your organisation with the ability to quickly access the specialist resources you need, where you need them, without having to recruit, employ and train new staff. Our secondments can range from less experienced staff to a senior professional acting as your interim head of internal audit.



Your internal audit function is staffed in house, but teams with Deloitte to deliver ad-hoc projects and/or specialist reviews, globally.

Our co-sourcing can range from IT audits and data analytics through to specialist support in areas such as treasury, cyber security, HR, shared serviced and outsourcing. Co-sourcing also provides access to Deloitte’s global knowledge and methodology.




We can deliver an entire internal audit service that provides assurance over the full range of risks across your organisation.

Outsourcing provides a fully-variable, yet easily controllable, cost base (you only pay for what you use); no recruitment and retention issues; no in-house training. It can also deliver cost savings compared to an in-house function through improved productivity. Additionally outsourcing with Deloitte provides complete access to our wider organisation and of course our specialists.




Contracting with us is straightforward. For secondments you can either contract on a case-by-case basis or enter into an evergreen arrangement, allowing you to call off staff as required, using a simple terms of reference document. Through your contract with Deloitte in the UK we can support you across the globe; you only deal with your local Deloitte client service team. For project work you can similarly enter into either project specific or evergreen contracts.


Supporting innovation

Internal audit functions must be ready to evolve if they are to continue to meet the needs of your business. We can help you sharpen your edge and focus on what really matters.

From exploring cost-effective delivery approaches such as off-shoring and lean thinking, to identifying opportunities to leverage technologies such as risk assessment facilitation software, we can help you cover the basics, while meeting the needs of tomorrow, today.

A good example of helping sharpen your edge is for us to support you in the audit planning cycle, keeping you up-to-date with current hot topics and how to audit them. Tools such as our vendor management maturity model and cyber security control continuum can be deployed, by you, to frame your approach. Similarly we could assist you in deploying practical data analysis techniques.