Issues and reputation management

Many crises emerge from issues rather than incidents. Issues can, if escalated or triggered by an event, cause crisis management procedures to be invoked and put organisations under intense scrutiny and pressure.

But issues do not have to ignite a full-blown crises to damage reputation. Unresolved issues can have a long-term effect on an organisation, sapping valuable time and drawing attention away from positive news and developments.

Regester Larkin by Deloitte helps clients to manage and resolve issues to protect – and often enhance – reputation. We devise and execute strategies on internal issues such as restructuring, divestments, governance failures, social performance challenges and product controversies. And we advise on externally-driven issues such as policy change, regulatory intervention, litigation and activism.

We also help clients to build the infrastructure and competence within organisations that predict the emergence of issues and prevent them developing wherever possible.

Our issues and reputation management offering includes:

  • Issues audits – helping you understand your issues radar, from workshops to full assessments across geographies and business units.
  • Reputation risk assessments for specific issues – in-depth assessments to help you understand, and resolve, the reputational implications of emerging issues or opportunities.
  • CR24 – 24/7 issues resolution and crisis response support
  • Issue management strategy development and consultancy – supporting you as you develop and execute strategy to manage a new, or entrenched and unresolved, issue.
  • Reputation strategy consultancy – devising proactive strategies that focus on maintaining and enhancing reputation.
  • Issues management capability consulting – assessing and improving your issues management structures, processes and competencies.
  • Stakeholder engagement – working with organisations to understand their stakeholder environments and engage positively to effect change.
  • Media training and communication coaching – training and coaching sessions to improve communication skills and impact.
  • Risk communication – a specialist discipline that focuses on how actual and perceived risks can be communicated to stakeholders

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