Legal Entity Strategy

Helping business transform and unlock value by strategically optimising corporate legal entity structures

Corporate legal entity structures are often complex and challenging to manage, absorbing unnecessary costs and inhibiting effective governance and decision-making. Many legacy corporate structures are the accidental result of historical transactions, rather than being driven by forward-looking strategic needs. Whether you are going through a major transaction or simply looking for ways to optimise your business, taking a strategic view of legal entity structures can position you for future growth.

How can Deloitte help?

Our Legal Entity Strategy team provides an end-to-end service, from legal entity diagnostic to target structure option designs, through to programme implementation, including entity restructuring, repapering, client and regulatory communications, and more.

What are the benefits?

Taking a strategic view of your legal entity structure can help deliver a wide range of benefits, including a reduced cost base, liberation of senior leadership time, and a smoother customer experience. The strategic questions go beyond simply entity elimination, to broader considerations of how to align your organisational footprint with commercial strategy, whether that is growth or withdrawal from certain markets or the embedding of new systems.

Using latest tools and accelerators

We bring the latest innovations and tools to support your business to optimise its corporate legal entity structure. These include:

1. Typical design priority assessment criteria – providing a consistent set of criteria through which to measure the value of strawman options

2. Comprehensive legal entity design and readiness check-list – ensuring nothing is overlooked, and that potential blockers are addressed through mitigating actions

3. Legal entity transaction steps – delivering a step-by-step walk through of the transactions needed to realise your legal entity vision

4. Workstream and functional playbooks – adapting the requirements of the programme to the needs, concerns and timelines of individual functions.

Through these and other legal entity innovations and tools we can help you deliver a set of options, criteria for assessing those options, the business case for undertaking the work, and an end-to-end programme roadmap.

Our approach

We take you through an end-to-end process from diagnosis of legal entity issues through to implementation and ‘go-live’. Our approach has been developed to flex around the particular imperatives, timescales and deal rationale of a client’s specific transaction scenario.

Providing you with a multidisciplinary team

Our legal entity strategy team is multidisciplinary, bringing expertise from across Deloitte’s service lines and geographies. We deliver not only programme leadership, but deep experience across the multiple functions – from Finance and CoSec through to HR and IT – required to deliver ambitious legal entity strategies.

Key contacts

Simon Zeital

Simon Zeital


Simon co-leads Structural Reform for Deloitte and is one of the key partners leading Brexit solutions across Banking and Capital markets. He has led Brexit related programmes across more than 10 Globa... More

Meera Patel

Meera Patel

Associate Director

Meera is an Associate Director in Deloitte’s Structural Efficiency team in London. She leads on legal entity strategy for corporate businesses. She advises clients on end-to-end legal entity strategy,... More