M&A Integrity Due Diligence

Deloitte’s M&A IDD has helped clients to minimise the legal, commercial and reputational risks associated with transaction targets for over two decades.

If your business is seeking to expand overseas – through M&A transactions, JV partnerships or other key relationships – you may face increased exposure to integrity and corruption risks, in particular in relation to emerging markets. By undertaking IDD early in this process you can identify and mitigate these risks before completing your deal.

IDD comprises the gathering of independent information – from both public and non-public sources – to help you understand a target’s track record, reputation, and integrity or corruption risks. With increasingly strict anti-corruption legislation around the world, pre-transaction IDD is a core element of transaction due diligence.

Deloitte’s approach to IDD combines:

Global Understanding

Our global coverage enables us to undertake work in relation to subjects in any jurisdiction in the world, whether a western country or a higher risk jurisdiction.

Flexible Approach

We tailor our enquiries to match your precise concerns, addressing each of the risks of relevance to you and ensuring our approach is mindful of those issues specific to the relevant sector or jurisdiction.

Extensive Network

Our network of external (human) sources – who have backgrounds in, and operate across, a wide range of industries and jurisdictions – enables us to access relevant intelligence that cannot be found in the public record.

Collaborative Style

Deloitte works collaboratively with our clients, keeping you informed of key issues as the project progresses and working closely with our other Deloitte teams where required.

Intelligence Specialists

Deloitte’s in-house pool of research and intelligence specialists are experts in how to access the information you need and how to present it in the correct political and business context.

Business Focused

As a major professional services firm, Deloitte takes a pragmatic approach to risk and seeks to assist you in identifying and mitigating risk, rather than presenting a list of ‘deal killers’.


In addition to subscribing to a wide range of ‘global’ databases, our researchers regularly review their jurisdictions to ensure we have access to an extensive range of in-country subscription databases and online archives.

Our experience

Over more than twenty years we have helped clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the background, reputation and integrity risks presented by their proposed acquisition targets and close business partners, in jurisdictions all around the world and across all sectors.

This work has helped our clients to identify the involvement of third parties in the full spectrum of illegal and ethical issues – and other operational and financial issues – as well as providing an insight into the background, track record, reputation and business style of key individuals behind the company. Taken together, this proves an invaluable contribution to our clients’ negotiation and risk mitigation strategies.

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Rick Dickerson

Rick Dickerson

Senior Manager

Rick is a Senior Manager in the Trade Compliance Corporate Intelligence team, where he leads our M&A Integrity Due Diligence and Market Risk Analysis work. He has almost twenty-five years’ experience ... More