Market Entry Intelligence (MEI)

Deloitte has helped numerous clients to navigate higher risk markets, by gathering information which is highly specific to a Western investor seeking new market entry in their specific sector. With our team of specialists you will benefit from a thoughtful investigation of potential risks your business may face, enabling you to plan for these issues before making your investment.

Deloitte’s corporate intelligence team has over two decades of experience guiding clients through the risks presented by investment into new markets. Our work leverages our extensive network of well-placed and well-informed outside (human) sources across the relevant region to gather real market intelligence on an almost any issue of concern to you.

Unlike many off-the-shelf market intelligence products, the information we gather is highly specific to your sector and the nature of the investment you are seeking to make. We can tailor our enquiries to focus on any issues of interest to you, ultimately providing you with a bespoke report which discusses the specific risks and opportunities presented by the intended market.

The source of our information

The majority of the intelligence we gather for our MEI reports comes from our well-established and trusted network of outside (human) sources within the relevant jurisdiction and sector. Our sources would typically include those already active within the relevant sector, as well as lawyers and journalists with knowledge of the sector and those familiar with government policy there.

Although we also typically seek to gather additional information from public record sources – to serve as an illustration or corroboration of what our sources have told us – our experience has shown that our clients derive far more value from the unique intelligence provided by those sources who have real world experience and in-depth knowledge of the issues faced by their sector.

Examples of our work:

Iraq – Oil & Gas

A client was contemplating investing in the Iraqi oil & gas sector, and asked us to conduct several in-depth MEI projects in relation to different hydrocarbon-producing regions to identify the distinct power brokers and key stakeholders in this sector (including senior members of local government, relevant national government ministers, local business leaders, and tribal leaders) and the specific influence and interplay of these individuals within the sector.

Our findings enabled the client to ensure their negotiations were focused on the key individuals and addressed the issues of greatest concern.

Indonesia – Retail

A client was seeking to expand into an area of retail in Indonesia in which operations are under close state supervision. We undertook extensive enquiries with outside sources in relation to the role and prevalence of bribery and corruption in this specific sector. Our work particularly sought comment from experienced multinational companies operating in this area in order to understand the corruption issues they had faced, as well as how they have sought to mitigate these risks.

Our findings enabled our client to focus appropriate resources on ensuring safeguards were in place as they pursued their new opportunity.

Montenegro – Real Estate

A property investment client was seeking to expand into Montenegro, and requested that we conduct an analysis of the business risks presented by commercial, office and residential real estate developments in the country. Our work included gathering in-depth information on the business, political and legal environment in Montenegro, as well as the previous experience of other western firms investing in this sector.

Our findings helped our client to prepare its business plan in such a way as to seek to avoid unexpected surprises as their investment progressed.

North Korea – Consumer Goods

Our client was invited by the North Korean government to contribute capital and expertise in a joint venture located in one of its special economic zones. In addition to exploring the legalities of such an investment, our client instructed us to gather in-depth information on the business risks faced by a western investor in this country, as well as to identify key stakeholders within the North Korean government for such an investment.

Our findings assisted our client in better understanding the landscape of a market which is otherwise largely unknown to western investors.

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Rick Dickerson

Rick Dickerson

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