Measuring and managing sustainability

Cutting costs, growing your brand value while ensuring compliance, and managing continuity risks are core to a successful operation. However, few initiatives can deliver all of these objectives simultaneously. This is the critical factor behind the rising tide of successful sustainability transformation programmes.

Operational Excellence

The resource-constrained world is already upon us; traditional operational excellence programmes must think innovatively about how to improve business performance over the long term. We have a track record of delivering cost reduction programmes with a focus on energy supply, demand and price risk management, carbon emissions and wider resource efficiency, and health and safety and supply chain risk management, giving us a unique edge to delivering real bottom line savings and wider value. This is a key part of our success in managing a range of industry-leading sustainability programmes across the world.
Our team has an unrivalled ability to embed measureable change within the heart of your business, bringing the whole of Deloitte’s broad base of technical, behavioural, tax, finance and supply chain experts to deliver long-term, cost-effective change.

Sustainability Analytics

The advent of numerous voluntary and regulatory reporting requirements concerning societal impact, fanned by an increasing consumer appetite for information on ethical performance and purpose, has led to a whole new set of, often valuable, sources of data to keep track on. These range from diversity in the workforce, employee and contractor accidents, material and food waste, energy and water use in assets, and human and environmental risks in your supply chain.

Deloitte’s Sustainability Analytics team want you to challenge them to find real value and insight in their data. We have unrivalled cross-sector expertise in using yours and external benchmark data to create highly informative performance reports suitable for any internal or external audience, giving you the time to focus on what matters – getting results!

Data systems advisory

Where analytics is about using data more effectively to drive your decision-making, sometimes more substantive work is needed to build the underlying data systems that manage your sustainability data and set up the related internal or external sustainability reporting and governance systems.

Key contacts

Katherine Lampen

Katherine Lampen


Katherine is a Director in our Risk Advisory team with over fifteen years’ experience of providing advisory and assurance services. Katherine leads our Sustainability Practice and works cross industry... More

Stuart Wright

Stuart Wright

Senior Manager

Stuart leads our Energy and Carbon service, delivering engagements to clients that focus on enhancing the environmental performance of their business operations. Stuart is a project manager with over ... More