Prioritising your sustainability risks and opportunities

Sustained and superior performance depends, in part, on supporting decision making by effectively measuring and reporting a pragmatic and relevant set of financial and non-financial metrics.

Materiality Analysis

There are many potential metrics, such as those used to evaluate environmental, social and governance performance; resource efficiency; business model resilience; innovative capacity; brand strength and corporate culture.  These non-financial performance indicators can be just as informative as financial metrics on how a business is creating value. Today, most companies who measure non-traditional metrics disclose a subset of that information in a separate sustainability report or the Annual Report. The challenge faced by companies is how to determine what information ought to be disclosed. 

Deloitte's Sustainability team has an in depth knowledge of how companies determine materiality in the sustainability context, and  the challenges managers face and how these impact what type of data is disclosed. Decision science methods, when applied to materiality determination, can put corporate leaders and CFOs in a stronger position by using a more structured approach to stakeholder engagement and thereby enable strategic choices, including capital budgeting decisions.

Stakeholder Engagement

The formal identification and engagement of stakeholders is a prerequisite for best practice sustainability reporting. It is a general reporting requirement that the organisation accepts accountability to those whom it has an impact on and who have an impact on it, understand stakeholder expectations and respond to them where appropriate.

Deloitte’s Sustainability team support organisations throughout the stakeholder engagement process aligning with recognised international standards and frameworks such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and AA1000. This includes:

  • Assisting clients in profiling and mapping relevant stakeholders
  • Defining and implementing a formal stakeholder engagement policy
  • Formalising methods of engagement (i.e. questionnaires)
  • Establishing a mechanism to feed stakeholder concerns into strategic planning and action plans to ensure alignment

Strategy and policy development

As sustainability issues rise up the boardroom agenda, we can help you bring your initiatives under a holistic strategy. An effective sustainability strategy embedded within day-to-day business activities can help your organisation obtain maximum value. Our services include:

  • Identifying gaps (based on current strategy and/or materiality analysis)
  • Developing an integrated strategy and underlying policies, including governance structures
  • Embedding sustainability strategy into overall business strategy
  • Identifying suitable Key Performance Indicators
  • Building a roadmap for implementation
  • Communicating the strategy and achieving ’buy-in’ from key stakeholders
  • Updating the strategy and corresponding policies as required.


To articulate impact in a multi-dimensional way, organisations are now estimating and disclosing the value they add to society. Managing a “double or triple bottom line”, preparing for the future, measuring success and performance of environmental, economic and social issues are all key market challenges. An effective impact strategy embedded within day-to-day business activities can help inform and drive better decision-making. Our team has extensive experience helping clients measure, embed and report on impact at a product, regional or enterprise level. Our services include:

  • Impact measurement and reporting: recognised performance measurement and reporting standards allow an organisation to actively measure, manage and report on its impact 
  • Strategy & Governance: strategic advisory services that help our clients map material impact issues and identify stakeholders, establish performance measures, metrics and targets
  • ESG integration and innovative finance: design innovative financing mechanisms that match investors with different “risk-return-impact” appetites to impact investing opportunities
  • Impact Assurance: Deloitte is well positioned to provide independent assurance of your impact performance reporting.

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Katherine Lampen

Katherine Lampen


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