The challenge

Across the globe, there are two urgent priorities for organisations right now. Get back to work. And crucially, get back to work safely. Whether its new spacing requirements across factory lines and checkouts, reducing surface transmission when goods enter and leave distribution centres, or implications for hot-desking across offices, as countries respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, new ‘return to work’ guidance is emerging each day. Businesses must actively manage these new compliance responsibilities set by regulators, policy makers and governments, whilst also working closely with suppliers to ensure safety across the whole supply chain. It’s a challenge that becomes even more complex for those with global operations who face different rules across multiple regions.

Despite this, businesses are committed to protecting the wellbeing of their employees and their customers. They know it’s not just about accessing and understanding the new requirements. They must also quickly and effectively implement the controls they need to deliver on these and evidence their compliance.

RegHub: Return to Work offers a digital compliance solution to support you as you reopen your workplace and get your business back up and running safely. It gathers and curates all relevant regulations, identifies your key obligations and helps you evidence your compliance all on one platform. Most importantly, it enables you to do all of this efficiently, so that you can spend more time strengthening your business.


Protect the wellbeing of your employees and customers

Ensure a safe and secure environment for your employees, customers and third parties by tracking guidance and obligations as they emerge. RegHub scans the horizon and updates content every hour.

Know what actions to take

Cut through the noise and distil the relevant obligations you need to comply with. By building our global regulatory expertise into RegHub, we’ve designed taxonomies that translate multiple regulations into a clear set of obligations, grouping together any related actions.

Gain complete transparency

Capture the end-to-end impact of the new ‘return to work’ regulations right across your organisation. From identifying all new obligations to tracking the controls in place, RegHub allows you to see the full picture.

Evidence compliance easily

Record your ‘return to work’ compliance in one place, documenting effective mapping of obligations to controls. Easily capture and upload timestamped photographs and videos to evidence controls in action.

Embed accountability

Assign users with roles and responsibilities so that you can see who took what actions when.

Deliver compliance efficiently

Digitise and streamline your response to ‘return to work’ guidance and regulations, improving efficiency by 40% compared to traditional, manual solutions.

Achieve peace of mind

Take control of all your ‘return to work’ obligations using a single solution. By delivering transparency, efficiency and accountability, RegHub gives you the comfort you need to get your business back to work.


Automated horizon scanning

Classified and categorised alerts

'Return to Work' regulatory universe

Prioritisation and allocation workflow

Obligations and controls mapping

MI and Reporting Dashboard

Digital attestation and automated risk assessment

Mobile app for uploading evidence (eg. photos and footage)

How it works

Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen

How it works

Set-up and configure for your business

Receive alerts as new regulations emerge

Receive your automatically generated obligations

Take action – mapping obligations against your controls

Use RegHub as your single source of information

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Take control of your return to work obligations with RegHub: Return to Work.

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