The challenge

Understanding and managing the complexity of regulation continues to be a challenge for many businesses – taking up the valuable time, energy, and focus of compliance and risk communities.

RegHub addresses this challenge completely, from real-time tracking of global regulatory change, to intuitive linkage of impacted controls, policies, products and processes, as well as efficient management of compliance and business change.

RegHub provides a complete platform to create seamless management of regulatory impact and transparency across all areas of the business. Built by compliance professionals, whilst leveraging exceptional RegTech and doing so with respect and understanding of the risk and compliance eco-systems that exist across our clients – RegHub helps you unlock the value in managing regulatory compliance effectively.

What do the terms efficiency, transparency and respect mean in RegTech?

Our regulatory experts were invited by Encompass to break down just what these words mean in financial services and to discuss the evolving nature of regulation.


A global view of regulation

With access to a vast regulatory library we can bring you the content you need, updated in real-time and spanning regulatory sources from around the globe.

Transparency and confidence

Get greater confidence by being able to monitor your regulatory obligations and the impact they have on the business, quickly navigating from regulatory obligation to the part of the business that is impacted.

Better and faster

Real-time notification of regulatory information, combined with an intelligent analysis and prioritisation of risk for a fast and effective response that helps establish clear roles and responsibilities across the business.

Single source of truth

A regulatory universe and assessment that is tagged, structured and accessible in a way that your whole business can understand; providing a view on your regulatory obligations and the impact of these on your business.

Scalable and flexible

RegHub can be deployed in modules to provide you with the specific support you need, from simple horizon scanning to end-to-end compliance and change management.

Deloitte at your side

Our platform is infused with the expertise that comes from our compliance specialists around the globe – digitising our deep knowledge and learnings. RegHub is hard-wired into the heart of our compliance practice for on-demand support.


Real-time regulatory tracking and mapping of rule changes

Automated classification and connection to internal compliance artefacts

End-to-end compliance management functionality

Seamless API integration with industry standard GRC tools

‘On-demand’ tech support from Deloitte’s Compliance SMEs

Real-time dynamic reporting and alerting

Unique user-profile configuration

Deployable as modules to support augmenting existing capability

How it works

Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen Reghub Mock Up Mi Screen

How it works

Automatically scan the horizon and receive regulatory change updates

Access a centralised view of the regulatory universe for your business

Automatically assess the risks for your business to manage regulatory change

Conduct ongoing compliance monitoring

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Make complex regulatory compliance simple

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