Crisis and Organisational resilience

Organisations constantly face complex and interconnected strategic, operational and technological risks, disruptions and threats. Withstanding high impact risks requires organisations to be resilient; to have the agility to anticipate and mitigate, and where necessary to respond and recover quickly then learn and adapt accordingly.

Regester Larkin by Deloitte by Deloitte works with organisations to develop and enhance overall organisational resilience.

Our organisational resilience services include:

  • Governance, policy and operating model design, to align and integrate risk, security, continuity and other relevant disciplines that contribute to resilience across the organisation
  • Operational Resilience

Operational Resilience

Our operational resilience services include:

  • Business continuity management, using a top-down, approach to focus effort and resources on what really matters from the outset
  • Supply chain resilience, to enhance resilience over the supply of critical products or services and advising on the best measures to achieve this.

Technology Resilience

  • Resilient technology services help ensures they are are stable, available and recoverable when systems and infrastructure face disruption.
  • We help organisations to improve stability, withstand or avoid disruption and respond and recover effectively from technology disruption. We have carried out post-incident reviews on some of the highest profile technology failures, including for public reports and for regulatory purposes.

Our services include:

  • Post-incident reviews, learning lessons and enabling change by understanding the root cause of an IT disruption as well as the management of the incident response
  • Service risk assessments, to identify key single points of failure and provide an overall assessment of resilience for critical IT services from a people, process and technology perspective
  • Fail-over and recovery scenario design and testing, to review recovery scenarios and test capabilities by simulated or physical means

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