The challenge

The security environment is volatile and unpredictable. When you have assets in multiple locations, globally or across several regions, it can be hard to quantify, evaluate and prioritise risks in the physical environment, whether they are geopolitical, security or natural hazards. While security and safety of business outputs, processes and people remain paramount, it is vital that you understand the physical environment risks around the world and allocate budget where it is most needed to protect your people and your business.

Most organisations follow a manual process to conduct their site security risk assessment, which is often expensive. There is often a reliance on fragmented data and analysis that focuses only on the broader location risk, without placing site protection in the context of business activity taking place in each location. The analysis is not specific to the business and therefore doesn’t support informed decision making about site security.

Deloitte’s interactive solution, SecureHub, generates a consolidated risk picture by providing a criticality score on all sites, analysing location based risk, and carrying out site assessments to determine how well the risks are being managed.

By combining these three steps, SecureHub provides a planning and management platform that helps organisations to manage their site security services more effectively using risk-based analysis.


Subject matter expertise

Access to Deloitte's global network of risk experts.

Invest where it matters

Understand the location security risk and its impact on your people, processes and business output, so that you can invest in security where it will have the most impact.

Dynamic risk assessment

Stay on top of change with a consolidated risk picture across the entire estate based on data feeds that are updated constantly.

Global consistency

Take a globally consistent approach to real estate security risk using recognised industry standards and guidelines.

Single consolidated view

Prioritise investment decisions with a consolidated view across your entire property portfolio.


Site related data captured consistently and stored centrally

Risk assessments relevant to your organisation

Scenario modelling

All company sites rated against internal and external risk data

Trend and root-cause analysis

Interactive dashboard with access to analytics

Site security assessment workflow


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