Technology & Digital Risk Management

Can you control the digital revolution?

The digital era is complex, fast changing and brings a wealth of opportunities.

Operating in this digital world also presents new challenges, with new technologies and emerging digital competitors presenting a threat to existing business models.

We can help you maximise the benefits of the digital era while keeping your business and technology controlled and your reputation protected.

Where should the focus be?

Digital technologies bring opportunities to increase efficiency, quality, customer experience and ultimately growth. However, they also bring a new set of risks and unlike traditional risks these emerge quickly, differ across technologies, and can be hard to identify and control using traditional approaches.

Understanding and protecting against these risks is key to enabling organisations to realise the benefits of a digital journey.

You need to:

  • Manage risk during a digital transformation journey: Adopting new technologies requires changes to your businesses’ ways of working. This needs to be done by understanding the risks of transformation to ensure you achieve objectives, whilst utilising the most appropriate technologies and deployment methodologies.
  • Manage risk in a digital world: In the new world of digital, operations that were local are now global, manual processes are automated, organisations have constant integration with their supplier and customers and bad news travels fast. The speed of a digital risk emerging and becoming an issue is accelerated. New risks need to be predicted, identified, managed, and mitigated in an agile way.
  • Manage risk digitally: Risk managers are often data rich, but struggle to extract insight and value. Governance, risk, compliance and control stakeholders can embrace digital technologies to optimise efficiency, predict risk and control behaviours and generate insight on your control environment.

How Deloitte can help

We help organisations take advantage of the benefits of digital transformation, alongside better managing their legacy technology, so that they have the peace of mind it’s done with risk and control considered throughout.

  • Managing digital transformation: We help organisations through their digital transformation by providing support in the following areas:
    • Embedding governance, risk and control within digital technologies and ways of working
    • Providing assurance over digital transformation programmes
    • Transforming the capabilities of risk and control functions so they are able to support the business identify and manage emerging risks and protect value created through investments in digital capabilities
  • Managing risk in a digital organisation: We support organisations embrace the new digital risk landscape by:
    • Identifying and managing new risks associated with digital technologies (e.g. machine learning, cloud)
    • Embedding risk and controls into new ways of working (e.g. Agile, Devops)
    • Implementing automated and AI driven controls and predictive risk and control analytics.
    • Providing assurance over digital assets.
  • Managing risk digitally: When organisations are considering and implementing digital technologies and GRC tooling, we support them with: 
    • Increasing value and reducing costs associated with risk and control management
    • Using digital technologies to enhance the way in which risk and control management is executed 
    • Implementation of digital technology for end to end risk and control management 
    • Using analytics, automation, GRC tools, robotics and AI to scope, test, predict and report on control operation.

Key contacts

Tom Bigham

Tom Bigham


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Charlotte Gribben


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