Case studies

Benchmarking the price of racing for the Racecourse Association

The Racecourse Association (RCA) engaged the Deloitte Sports Business Group to undertake an independent price comparison study examining how the cost of a day’s racing compares with other sport and leisure pursuits.

Through independent research and using our industry knowledge, we identified the key variables to be investigated as part of this work including customer groups, racing fixture types, competing leisure activities and spending packages.

We designed a questionnaire that was distributed at a number of racecourses to gather primary research on pricing date. This was supplemented by a bespoke online racegoers’ survey, through which we were able to collect and analysis spending habits and perceptions of the value for money of going racing and comparisons to other leisure activities.

We presented our findings to all attendees at the RCA’s annual conference and the RCA launched it officially to the press and published on their website.

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