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Business plan for the commercial development of basketball in Saudi Arabia

The Deloitte Sports Business Group was engaged by Creative Edge, a leading Middle East marketing and media rights company, to assist with the creation of a Business Plan for the commercial development of basketball in Saudi Arabia.

We assisted Creative Edge with the creation of a Business Plan that clearly articulated how basketball in Saudi Arabia could be developed in the short and long-term, the resource and investment required, identified possible broadcast and commercial rights strategies and assessed how best to engage with and manage the various stakeholders connected with the sport.

We worked with Creative Edge management, supplemented by consultations with recommended stakeholders, to produce a Business Plan covering three principal areas: the on-court product, revenue generation and organisation structure and governance. The Business Plan was complemented by a consideration of key risks and suggested mitigations, high-level financial projections, as well as a broader macro-level overview of the sports landscape in Saudi Arabia.

We subsequently updated the Business Plan to include recommendations on a revised league competition structure that provides the potential for more meaningful matches throughout the season.

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“The Deloitte team demonstrated a strong understanding of the sports industry that provided Creative Edge with useful insight to develop their business plan. Throughout the project, Deloitte acted as a critical friend, advising and challenging us in order to create a reference document for the commercial development of basketball in Saudi Arabia.”

Assad Abualjadail, CEO, Creative Edge

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