Deloitte Football Money League

The North West: a £1.17 billion region

This is the 19th edition of the Deloitte Football Money League, which ranks clubs by revenue, and is produced by Manchester-based Deloitte Sports Business Group - a North West global resource.

Four major North West clubs generate £1.17 billion revenue

Dan Jones, partner at Deloitte’s Sports Business Group said: “Despite Manchester United’s slip in to third place in the Money League, 2014/15 was another successful season for the North Wests top clubs, especially with Everton cementing their position in the top 20.

“We expect Manchester United to challenge for the top spot in the coming seasons given their strong commercial revenues, and Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton all also have the potential to grow strongly, meaning the future looks promising for the biggest North West clubs.”

  • Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Everton feature in the top 20 once again
  • United fall to third place; City maintain sixth place and become only the second English club to break £350m revenue barrier
  • Everton climb two places to 18th in its second successive year in the top 20
  • Liverpool see their revenue increase by £42m, driven by Champions League participation

North West Analysis

Manchester United - 3rd - £395.2m

Manchester United achieved revenues of £395.2m (€519.5m), making them the third highest revenue generating club in the world, slipping one place from last year’s edition, with FC Barcelona taking their place in second.

Manchester City - 6th - £352.6m

Manchester City have maintained their position as the sixth highest revenue generating club in the world for the third consecutive season, having achieved record revenues of £352.6m (€463.5m), becoming only the second English club to break the £350m revenue barrier.     

Liverpool - 9th - £298.1m

Liverpool maintained ninth position in this year’s Money League, following a 17% (£42.3m) overall increase in revenue after a return to the UEFA Champions League and healthy increases in matchday revenue of £11.7m (26%). Liverpool’s broadcast revenue increase of £21.9m (21%) came predominantly due to a €34.1m (£25.9m) UEFA distribution received in the year.

Everton - 18th - £125.6m

For the third time ever, and for the second year in a row, Everton made the top 20 revenue generating clubs in the world, with the club generating £125.6m in the 2014/15 season. Revenue has increased 4% on the previous season, despite Everton finishing 11th in the Premier League (compared to 5th in 2013/14).

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