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Fédération Internationale de Hockey – Strategy and Governance Projects

Deloitte Sports Business Group have carried out a number of projects for Fédération Internationale de Hockey (FIH) over a period of three years as plans for the Hockey Pro League have developed.

These projects included:

Financial impact of event portfolio options
Assessing the financial feasibility of different options for the FIH event portfolio and modelling of scenarios from 2019-2026 inclusive.

Participation criteria
Development of process and timeline to determine the participating teams in the Hockey Pro League, including specific participation criteria.

Bid documentation
Drafting of Hockey Pro League application documentation, specifically a Bid Questionnaire and circulating to National Associations for completion.

Assessment of Hockey Pro League applications
Confirming the considerations by which applications would be assessed for the participation criteria and assistance to the panel in assessing financial sustainability of National Association applications before recommendations made to the Executive Board.

Event manual production
Drafting the Event Manual for the Hockey Pro League, detailing the rules, regulations and requirements that all participating National Associations must meet.

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