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Business plan review for a health, fitness and leisure facility

The Lensbury Club is an existing health & fitness, hotel and conference centre located in Teddington. The Deloitte Sports Business Group was engaged by the club’s Board to provide an independent assurance review of the club’s five-year business plan which had been prepared by the management team.

The Club had developed a capital investment programme involving several proposed projects, which together with other projects already agreed or underway represented a sizeable investment.

Our review of the draft business plan focussed on each individual project to understand the connectivity between capital investments, as well as reviewing the overall programme. This review was supported by in-depth qualitative consultations with members of the Club’s Management team.

The report containing our findings also highlighted risks within the programme and made recommendations on where additional information could further strengthen the business plan.

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“I would like to thank the Sports Business Group for their advice. The team stepped in at short notice and, despite the tight deadline, reviewed our strategic business plan with professionalism and produced a quality report. They were able to add a great deal of value to our decision making process.”

Mike Napier, Chairman, Lensbury Club

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