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The Sports Business Group at Deloitte is the leading sports industry commentator. Each year, we publish industry leading commentaries, widely considered to be the source of reference for the sports business industry around the world.

20 years of insight and analysis

For over 20 years we have produced the Annual Review of Football Finance, providing analysis and insight on the recent developments within the world's most popular sport. Each year, our Deloitte Football Money League publication profiles the highest earning clubs around the world, and in the most contemporary and reliable analysis of clubs' relative financial performance.

In addition to these annual publications, we have extensive experience in conducting economic impact assessments of major sporting events, some have which been made publicly available. We are also regular contributors to a number of other Deloitte publications.

A selection of our most recent work can be found below.

Annual Review of Football Finance
The financial results of the 2016/17 football season are the most impressive ever recorded in our Annual Review of Football Finance, with the 27th edition reflecting a new era of improved profitability and financial stability for football clubs.
Explore the Annual Review of Football Fiannce.

Deloitte Football Money League
Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Deloitte Football Money League in which we profile the highest revenue generating clubs in world football.
Read the Deloitte Football Money League.

Economic Impact of Irish Breeding and Racing 2017
Horse Racing Ireland (HRI), the national authority for thoroughbred racing in Ireland, commissioned Deloitte to produce a report assessing the contribution of the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry to the Irish economy. The report describes the industry’s economic activity on a 32 county basis, covering criteria such as employment and capital expenditure in addition to positioning Ireland in an international context.
Read the report.

Economic impact of sport in Dubai
The Economic impact of Sport in Dubai report prepared by the Sports Business Group details how sport, which has been part of the fabric of Dubai for more than 40 years, leads to $670m of economic impact with an economic footprint of more than $1.7 billion a year.
Read the report.

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) Strategic Plan 2018 - 2024
The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) approached Deloitte for assistance with the development of their first ever Strategic Plan. Deloitte worked closely and collaboratively with the ITTF to understand the needs of its stakeholders and the table tennis community to develop its key strategic priorities. The Strategic Plan was unanimously endorsed at the 2018 ITTF Annual General Meeting.
Read the report.

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