Case studies

Participation market review for British Fencing

The Deloitte Sports Business Group was engaged by British Fencing to assist with the development of its Participation Strategy by conducting a review of the fencing participation market and to make customer-centric recommendations designed to drive participation in fencing.

We undertook a detailed review of the fencing participation market, supported by consultations with key organisations including British Fencing management, operators, equipment providers and Sport England.

The outcome of this review was to develop a participant-centric market map of fencing opportunities to include the existing and potential fencing market, and to identify additional research and information required to develop British Fencing’s understanding of the market.

We made recommendations to British Fencing on key segments of the market to target for inclusion in the Participation Strategy, as well as the key stakeholders for delivery to these target segments.

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Deloitte’s review of participation in fencing and their development of a participant-centric market map provided us with a greater understanding of our market at a crucial time. Their contributions to our Customer Centric Strategy for Growth were much appreciated and added valuable insight and helpful recommendations to drive participation in fencing.”

Gabby Williams, Development Director, British Fencing

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