Improving strategy and governance

Sports Business

Our range of services can help sports organisations strategically develop and achieve operational excellence.

Our services are:

A comprehensive and realistic business plan is a critical tool for any sports organisation.


Defining your organisation’s strategy has become an essential part of today’s sporting landscape and we have helped many clients formulate their plans for the future.


If you are in the process of organising a major event, an economic impact study is your way of highlighting the significant financial injection to the economy that your event is providing. 


Sports businesses are unique and high profile organisations, operating in an industry which has been transformed in recent years by the increased commercial value of, and regulatory interest in, its activities.


Our input into your governance review will help you improve the competency of management and the overall decision making process, as well as enhancing your sports business efficiency and effectiveness.


Deloitte’s cutting-edge analytics capabilities present sports organisations with the opportunity to generate insights across the breadth of their business.


Deloitte can offer your major event support and technical expertise across the entire life cycle of a major event.


We have an unparalleled track record of providing robust, evidence based, advice to understand the potential impact and support decision making on major developments to a sport’s competition structure and calendar.


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