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Strategic plan implementation assistance for AI Ain Club Investment Company

Ahead of the opening of the Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed stadium in January 2014, Al Ain Investment Company commissioned Deloitte to develop and subsequently implement a commercial strategy for Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club.

We worked closely with the club to review its current commercial situation, supported by consultations with key stakeholders and an online survey of fan sentiment, which received over 1,300 responses.

Through this insight and our industry knowledge, we developed a series of strategic objectives for the club across key commercial areas, supported by a financial model. Following this work, we were subsequently engaged to assist the club in finalising its ticket pricing strategy and merchandise strategy.

Working closely with the client and stadium management team, we helped the club to formulate ticket pricing and inventory assumptions to inform prices for the forthcoming season. Our recommendations for the club’s merchandise strategy were developed on conjunction with the club’s sales manager and commercial partners, and included high level recommendations on a potential new range of merchandise for the new season.

Working from these recommendations, the club launched their new ticketing and merchandising operations at the same time as the stadium opening in January 2014.

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Thank you for your support. The insights and strategy paper has been brilliantly and professionally put together. You have a brilliant team. The strategy paper we have come up with will be our mantra for years to come.”

Ahmed Barakat, Commercial & Operations Director, AI Ain Club Investment Company

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