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Tournament financial review for the Association of Tennis Professionals

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) engaged the Deloitte Sports Business Group to understand the performance of its major tournaments across a range of key performance indicators, to support its decision-making in respect of the men’s tennis tour calendar.

We undertook a comprehensive financial review of all 62 ATP member tournaments in order to assist the ATP Board in its discussions regarding potential changes to the tour calendar, including prize money increases, re-categorisation and structuring of tournaments and various format amendments.

We developed a bespoke reporting package to collate current and projected financial information from member tournaments, which were subsequently discussed with relevant tournament directors.

Through consultation with the ATP Board, these results were then analysed to provide a comparison of the financial performance of tournaments across various metrics, supplemented by relevant benchmarks from other sports where applicable.

The financial findings were presented to the ATP Tournament Directors, with further detailed analysis undertaken to support discussions flowing from the review.

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“Deloitte always provide us with in-depth analysis and useful insights for men’s tennis, and have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to draw from. This, coupled with their financial rigour and phenomenal responsiveness, has proved invaluable in helping inform and shape our strategy towards the changes to the ATP World Tour Calendar.

Flip Galloway, Chief Operating Officer, ATP

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