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Development and implementation of UEFA’s Club Licensing System

The Deloitte Sports Business Group advised UEFA on the development and implementation of the UEFA Club Licensing System, the principles of which have been used by other organisations across the world to define and monitor minimum criteria for entry to competitions.

UEFA’s Club Licensing System is based on a series of defined minimum quality standards for clubs across all of UEFA’s 54 member associations, which must be fulfilled for a club to be admitted to UEFA club competitions.

These minimum requirements cover sporting, infrastructure, personnel, administration, legal and financial matters. The Deloitte Sports Business Group worked closely with UEFA on the initial feasibility assessment, regulatory development, and practical implementation of the Club Licensing System.

UEFA’s Club Licensing System has now been successfully operating since the 2004/05 season, and the principles and much of the detail has since been replicated by other confederations (such as the Asian Football Confederation).

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“Deloitte’s Sports Business Group has a deep understanding of international financial reporting and auditing, as well as the complex stakeholder map, which made them the ideal partner to assist us with the development of new financial criteria for UEFA Club Licensing. The resulting rules, which have been applied to more than 600 clubs in over 50 territories, were both technically robust and capable of being implemented in practice. Their partnership approach was both flexible and efficient and we enjoyed working closely with them.”


Andrea Traverso, Head of Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play, UEFA

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