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Current situation analysis and business plan for Vi-Ability Social Enterprise

The Deloitte Sports Business Group worked with Vi-Ability to provide a current situation analysis and develop a 12 month strategy for the Social Enterprise to expand into the Premier League.

Vi-Ability Social Enterprise is run by Kelly Davies, the ex-Wales, Liverpool and Arsenal footballer.

The aims of the Enterprise are as follows:

  • To tackle the issues of financially unsustainable football clubs, economic inactivity and youth disengagement;
  • To introduce individuals to the commercial management of football clubs;
  • To teach individuals how to design, plan and run activities that help raise money for the football club; and
  • To help individuals develop employability and life skills.

Through a series of workshops and meetings with the management team, we helped to develop a point-by-point plan for Vi-Ability for the forthcoming 12 month period, including recommendations on priority focus areas to help to support the Social Enterprise’s expansion.

We subsequently assisted Vi-Ability with their strategy for expansion into the Greater London area, including advice on geographical areas and sports clubs to target in the first instance.

Find out more about our strategy and governance work.

“On behalf of everyone at Vi-Ability, I wanted to take the opportunity to write and thank you and your team for the continued support we have been receiving over the past few months. It has really helped us focus, and we now have solid foundations to build upon and grow the enterprise. It has been an absolute pleasure to share ideas, knowledge, experience and best practices with such talented individuals.”

Kelly Davies, Managing Director, Vi-Ability Social Enterprise

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