Benchmarking and market analysis

In a fast moving and increasingly competitive sports business landscape, organisations are required to constantly evaluate their business operations and arrangements in order to strive for operational excellence and competitive advantage.

We have an unparalleled database of sports market data and a network of industry contacts, which have been built up over 20 years operating in the sector, and can be utilised to support strategy development and inform decision making in relation to the most important issues facing your organisation.  We have a track record of supporting sports organisations in identifying and understanding appropriate benchmarks, and understanding how these relate to their organisation and particular business issue.

How we can help

We have a track record of utilising our database of sports market data, network of industry contacts, and knowledge of the sector to provide benchmarks across a broad range of areas, including:

  • Financial performance (revenue generation, profile, operational costs, profitability)
  • Competitor analysis (strategies, performance, positioning)
  • Media rights: Rights owner exploitation strategies, packaging and rights fees
  • Commercial rights: Exploitation strategies, arrangements and financial arrangements
  • Stadia and facilities development
  • Ticket and corporate hospitality packaging and pricing
  • Governance and organisational structure
  • Strategic development
  • Engagement and participation
  • Competition structure and format
  • Remuneration packaging and pay levels