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Corporate hospitality

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Corporate hospitality can be a key revenue stream for sports organisations, we can help you make sure your product offerings meet the requirements of the market whilst maximising revenue.

Revenue potential in corporate hospitality 

Corporate hospitality has been a key growth area in sport over recent years and the revenues generated have been a core component of the funding viability of many stadium developments. However, the revenue potential of corporate hospitality is not always fully exploited by sports organisations as the range of product offering can be based on historic price, ‘gut feel’ or limited benchmarking, rather than being analysed strategically or based on direct customer feedback.

As a result, sports organisations may be missing out on significantly higher corporate hospitality revenues due to relatively poor packaging and pricing. Therefore it is critical to improve the yield through tailoring each package to target different customer groups and providing a range of facilities and products which match your corporate customer profile.

We have developed a strategic research and analysis process designed to ensure that corporate hospitality offerings align with the range of customer requirements at price points that will maximise revenue. Our methodology adopts delivers a comprehensive understanding of your corporate customer base and their requirements, using both primary and secondary research 


Why Deloitte Sports Business Group

Benefits of our approach include:

• providing detailed  insight into your current and potential corporate customer base, helping you to refine and tailor your existing product profile to ensure their requirements are met;

• delivering improved financial performance and strategic direction through an increased understanding of your corporate customer profiles and their hospitality requirements;

• creating an effective means by which to build loyalty with your existing corporate base as well as increasing customer satisfaction and client retention; and

• enabling you to make any future decisions about changes to your corporate facilities based on robust evidence and information.