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Governance structure

Sports Business

We provide a breadth of experience and knowledge from our work across several sports in both the UK and overseas, to help sporting organisations with the transition to a modern governance structure, capable of meeting the challenging demands of the sports business environment.

Reviewing your Governance Structure

A review in to your governance structure can be carried out as part of a wider strategic review or as a standalone project.

Our input into your governance review will help you improve the competency of management and the overall decision making process, as well as enhancing your sports business efficiency and effectiveness. 


Our services include

• Reviewing relevant Board Minutes, Rule Books and the Constitution;

• Holding consultations with Management and Committee members to ensure that their experience and opinions are considered in full;

• Designing governance questionnaires for completion by stakeholders, covering matters including roles and functions, reporting lines and procedures, and a current situation SWOT analysis;

• Facilitating governance workshops attended by key stakeholders;

• Meeting with your legal advisers to ensure relevant legal aspects are incorporated into our recommendations;

• Providing benchmarks and best practice examples from other relevant sporting organisations;

• Reviewing published guidance on corporate guidance to ensure best practice; and

• Designing an appropriate governance structure tailored for your organisation by pulling together the results of all the strands of analysis set out above


Achieveing wider strategic goals

A thorough review of your governance structure will help you clearly understand the most effective structure for you, helping you to achieve your wider strategic goals, including:

• Clear definition of top executive roles and responsibilities;

• Defined reporting lines and departmental structures;

• Suggested Board structure;

• Proposed levels of authority; and

• Identification of recruitment needs