Controls and risk mitigation

Sports Business

The ability of an organisation to effectively control and manage its risks is critical to its continued success, brand reputation and for driving performance.

Getting it right

Effective control and risk management keeps costs down, grow revenue, secure assets and meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements. Getting controls wrong can cost money, waste resources, leave an organisation exposed, increase compliance costs and distract management from running the business.  

At a time when sport is under more scrutiny than it ever has been previously, getting these things right is more crucial than ever.

When management know they have the right controls in place, they can rely on those controls to manage the risks that they take.  We can provide you with an objective assessment and advise on improvements to the control environment and risk management of a sports business. It is not always about adding more controls; rather ensuring that the right balance of controls exists.


Our services include

  • Understanding the existing control environment and how it fits into the context of your sports business;
  • Providing assurance for stakeholders regarding the design and operation of controls over key business cycles;
  • Highlighting risks and weaknesses associated with the current control and/or management reporting environment, as well as recommending practical solutions and improvements;
  • Implementing methods including practical policies, procedures and training; and
  • Developing sustainable methods to measure and monitor control performance.