Investigatory and dispute services

Sports Business

Our services are increasingly sought by companies and lawyers who require detailed investigations to be undertaken or disputes to be resolved in the world of sport.

Expert witness

We can provide expert witness services as part of litigation or dispute resolution in all types of disputes. Our Deloitte team of forensic accountants and sports business specialists works with law firms and directly with clients to provide independent, objective Expert Witness services to assess the quantum of a specific claim and/or give evidence in cases on liability involving alleged accounting or audit negligence. 

Our expert witness services can be effective at different stages of any dispute. We can provide you with behind the scenes advice in the preliminary stages of a dispute. If disputes continue into arbitration/litigation, our team is experienced in providing expert witness services in arbitration hearings or in a court of law and expert determinations of the highest quality.

In respect of sports business disputes, clients choose Deloitte because:

  • we appoint a genuine expert and experienced team with the right balance of skills (industry, technical and function), with experience and credibility for sports business matters;
  • we have a successful track record of working with law firms and clients on litigation and disputes in the sporting context, both in the UK and internationally;
  • our sports industry experience means our expert witness arguments often help our clients to negotiate early settlements; and
  • we take great pride in our leading reputation for producing extremely robust reports of outstanding integrity and quality. The culture of the Deloitte practice focuses first and foremost on quality, at the same time as delivering cost-effective solutions for our clients.

The Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance has long been used as agreed evidence in Court. Examples include:

  • The Bosman decision from the European Court of Justice, December 1995
  • Sir Alan Sugar libel trial -v- Daily Mail; February 2001
  • Benjamin Collett –v- Gary Smith & Middlesbrough Football & Athletics Company (1986) Ltd; August 2008


Market expert report

We can also provide market expert services for any organisation facing sports related regulatory challenges.

We have a successful track record of working with clients and law firms on sports regulatory matters both in the UK and internationally.

We can particularly assist clients because:

  • we have deep experience of the specificity of sport and the practical application of rules across a variety of different sports;
  • our unique combination of sports business experience, regulatory knowledge, and forensic expertise enables us to provide robust advice about collating evidence and arguments to support a case;
  • we are able to provide robust market analysis across a wide variety of different aspects of different sports; and
  • our unique track record of work in the international sports business means our reports have great credibility.



Deloitte offers a unique combination of investigatory expertise and sports business specialism, providing both proactive and reactive fraud and accounting investigation services.  Such an approach can sometimes be appropriate for investigation of potential breaches of the regulations of a sports governing body/competition organiser.


Business Intelligence Services

Deloitte offers a range of services which help sports organisations to better understand and address the risks when considering a transaction or business relationship in a new or higher risk geographical market. 

Our services include integrity due diligence and country risk assessments.