Sports regulation

Sports Business

Our assistance and support for sport regulators helps ensure that practical and effective regulations are developed and successfully implemented.

How we can help

Our sports business specialists have extensive experience of assisting national and international organisations in respect of regulatory matters for their sporting competitions and events.

We provide practical advice and support in respect of developing new regulations, building stakeholder consensus, implementation requirements, regulatory compliance and the governance process.

We cover a range of regulatory matters such as financial fair play, cost control, commercial rules, player transfers, ownership, membership, governance and constitutional matters.  

We understand and can reconcile the specificity of sport with the legal and commercial context within which sport operates.


Our assistance and value to clients includes:

  • Defining objectives and a practical regulatory framework for how the objectives will be achieved;
  • Developing both the principle and detailed drafting of new/revised regulations in respect of financial, governance and business matters in sport;
  • Where appropriate, working with legal specialists;
  • Assessing the financial and commercial implications of possible changes to sport regulations;
  • Supporting stakeholder consultations to help deliver consensus and change;
  • Assistance for the successful implementation of new/revised regulations;
  • Developing and implementing a regulatory compliance programme which, where applicable, can extend to forensic investigatory services; and
  • Support for the organisation’s governance of the regulatory processes.