Third party compliance

Sports Business

Ensuring that business partners deliver on their obligations can maximise revenue, protect your brand, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Business partner assurance

Third party relationships are prevalent and important in the global value chain for sports businesses, but have frequently escaped validation and verification. Often third parties - outsourcers, suppliers, joint venture partners, distributors and licensees - self report their performance. 

We are seeing organisations increasingly wanting to verify, as well as trust, their business partners. Our Deloitte specialists have experience of third party reviews across a range of partners to businesses in sport, such as:

  • licensee reviews for a major sports brand to identify revenue leakage;
  • royalty reviews for football clubs;
  • digital content licensing reviews;
  • DVD distribution channel reviews; and
  • reviews of outsourced providers, including catering


Ticketing assurance

In today’s world of intense media focus and regulations, it is important that tickets are distributed to bona fide fans and customers.  Controls over the sale and distribution of tickets at sports events are sometimes not as strong as they could be, which can result in organisers not being fully aware of who is in attendance and whether they have paid, as well as creating potential for negative publicity and poor relations with fans.

Deloitte’s specialists have worked with a number of top sports clubs and event organisers to provide in-depth analysis of ticket sales, both for specific events and for season-long competitions. Our analysis has highlighted problem areas and provided vital information to help resolve potential issues and inefficiencies in the way that tickets are sold.

There are obvious challenges around large quantity ticket sales, including:

  • do you know the names of all ticket holders at your matches, especially for match day tickets?
  • how do you know that you are only selling tickets to people you want in your venue?
  • how do you know that individuals are not bulk buying tickets for distribution outside of official channels?
  • are you selling tickets at inflated/deflated prices?
  • are you experiencing ticket price variances for specific ticket types?