Lessons from early adopters of global business services

Is our approach to GBS enough?

Remember when global business services (GBS) was the hot new thing? From its beginning, it was defined as “the future of all operating models” - an integrated, seamless network of back- and middle-office functions that delivers critical business services centrally. It would forever change the role and value of enabling functions.

That was only a few years ago. But given the significant number of early GBS adopters, there is already a wealth of experiences on which others can draw.

Early leaders in GBS are far enough along to make a clear-eyed assessment of what they’ve achieved with GBS, where they may be at risk of falling short, and why. In the ‘Is our approach to GBS enough?’ report, we explore why the growth of GBS has slowed and delve into lessons learned from individuals who have trodden this path.

Here are ten winning practices that set GBS leaders apart from the traditional practices

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