Your journey to net-zero

Our CarbonNow accelerator measures the carbon emissions from your technology estate, enabling your journey to net-zero. We work with you to set an annual reduction ambition in line with science-based targets and government policy. Using our CarbonNow application to produce all the calculations in a consistent manner, we then calculate your annual emissions, and we provide a trajectory to net-zero all within an easy to navigate dashboard. We identify the key initiatives that you require to implement a net-zero reduction plan. We then help you set up this plan and manage the portfolio to reach the emission reductions required.

The digital pollution problem

IT accounts for 2.5% of global emissions, and it is increasing as much as 15% per year. Organisations in the UK are now required to set a Net-zero Target of 68% by 2030, which translates to a reduction of 10% every year for the next 10 years. The regulatory pressure, increasing environmental awareness of customers and higher public expectations reflect an urgent need for organisations to transition into net-zero. Armed with the capabilities within CarbonNow, Deloitte can help organisations to decarbonise their IT estate, operations and supply chain.

CIOs continue to address three common challenges when trying to align to organisations’ net-zero goal:

  1. Lack of a plan and roadmap to start reducing carbon emissions from their IT Estate
  2. Poor, non-granular emissions data that impedes the ability to confidently make operational decisions
  3. Dispersed and disconnected data that is difficult to analyse, with gaps in operational level data that leads to an incomplete view of IT carbon emission

Deloitte provides a full Net Zero Service that removes these barriers and quickly gets your technology organisation on the right path to achieve net zero.

Our solution

The CarbonNow application can provide data visibility to CIOs in decarbonising their IT estate, operations and supply chain by:

  1. Integrating multiple data: Setting a baseline through a single view of carbon emissions and budget insights to help CIOs manage within their carbon budget
  2. Prioritising carbon improvement: Pinpointing the least efficient areas and top performers to gain clarity on what can be done
  3. Tracking reduction initiatives: Providing a benchmark to enable tracking of carbon reduction initiatives against science-based targets

Whilst CarbonNow enables organisations to solve their most urgent data barrier to achieving a net-zero target, Deloitte recognises that net-zero is also a massive organisational transformation. We can provide follow-on consulting services from strategy to implementation, led by deep sustainability expertise, to help organisations successfully transition to net-zero.

Who is this for?

The audience that benefits from CarbonNow includes but is not limited to:

  • CIO’s and COO’s of Private, Public, Technology and Financial Services Businesses
  • Large organisations with high IT intensity, large scale emissions, significant data centres, estates and a large number of employees, customers and devices
  • Small Medium Enterprises working as part of supply chain decarbonisation program
  • Technology suppliers who want to provide better data on their products to clients


  • Reduce data centre energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce staff churn by demonstrating to your employees that you put sustainability at the centre of your operations
  • Improved decision making by measuring what matters and embedding sustainability metrics within your decision-making process for procurements and projects
  • Reduce risks by demonstrating compliance with your organisation’s net-zero target
  • Achieve sustainability outcomes by embedding into IT operations
  • Boost green economy, levelling up agenda by supporting supply chain partners in making the energy transition required for net-zero and developing skills and employment
  • Encourage innovations to tackle climate change
  • Demonstrate leadership in a sustainable future fit IT operations and cross industry collaboration

How it works

Key features

  • Net-zero Baseline and Plan with dashboard and report showing your emissions and reduction initiatives
  • Compare actual vs target emissions
  • Calculate the cost of delay
  • Data integration to asset management and configuration management database (CMDB)
  • Calculate GHG emissions from hardware, DC, on-prem, cloud, network devices and screens and printers
  • Set Science-based Target
  • Carbon Pricing and Carbon Budget to use to evaluate different projects and suppliers aligned with sustainable business case

Additional features

  • Vendor risk management
  • Hardware sustainability assessment
  • Net-zero strategy and greenhouse gas reduction project portfolio analysis

Carbon Now Solution Summary

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