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Win in the Digital Economy

We are increasingly surrounded by a network of sensors and computers that sense, describe and control our professional and personal lives. In this Digital Economy, enabling and exploiting the glut of data is the route to the largest and most sustainable growth in enterprise value. But accessing that growth is challenging: the tools and techniques for setting and realizing corporate strategy that most leaders depended on in the Industrial Economy don’t work well in a radically shifting environment. Over the last decade, Monitor Deloitte has developed a set of cutting-edge methods that enable Industrial Economy organisations to overcome these challenges, revolutionalise their performance and win in the Digital Economy.

Our business works with leaders to make strategic choices against the backdrop of the Digital Economy. We back stretching strategic possibilities, developed using Design Thinking, with robust analysis that creates a burden of proof and buy in across the executive team. Once a course is set our Venture Path methodology enables major enterprise to harness the ‘Lean Startup’ growth techniques of startups to accelerate and derisk the building of breakout strategic businesses. Working with Deloitte’s Incubator, we also invest to build standalone businesses and joint ventures that activate our client’s strategies by creating new and valuable ecosystem components.

How we can help

Monitor Deloitte's Digital Strategy practice helps executives understand, envision and articulate a corporate strategy for the Digital Economy and realise it across the enterprise. We design and co-create Digital Operating Models with our clients, teach leaders at all levels about innovation practices and Digital Leadership. We accelerate the speed at which our clients can bring ventures and portfolios of ventures to market by working in their teams to bring new skills and momentum.

Deloitte was recently named a global Kennedy Vanguard Leader in Digital Strategy Consulting, based on capabilities.

Our services span client capability areas and customer engagement channels to drive digital transformations.

Capabilities-based services include:

  • Corporate Strategy for the Digital Economy
  • Venture Building
  • Venture portfolio creation
  • Incubator design and build
  • Digital Operating Model design and build
  • Open Innovation process support
  • Digital Marketing optimisation
  • Growth hacking

Venture Path

Venture Path is a structured approach that borrows the lean and agile techniques from the startup world to help corporates design, test and build new propositions.

Key contact

Matthew Guest

Matthew Guest


Matthew leads Innovation and Ventures for Deloitte Consulting globally. He helps executives in a range of industries position their organisations for growth in the Digital Economy. His team works with... More