Strategic Transformation

The Monitor Deloitte Strategic Transformation team works with our clients to articulate and deliver large-scale business transformation. We develop corporate, business line and M&A strategies, and then deliver the large scale strategic transformation programmes needed to achieve these ambitions.

How we can help

We work across the strategy development and implementation lifecycle. Our services focus on give key areas of Strategic Transformation: Corporate Strategy, Business Line Strategy, M&A Strategy, Deliver of Strategic Programmes, and Specialist Capabilities.

Corporate strategy

  • What is our purpose, and what are our financial and non-financial objectives?
  • What portfolio of businesses do I need to deliver these objectives, and how do I invest across this portfolio?
  • How are the markets in which I operate changing and how do I need to respond?

Business line strategy

  • What is our commercial strategy for each of our business lines?
  • Where will we play? – Which customers, products, geographies?
  • How will we win? – What is our value proposition across these markets and what is our source of competitive advantage?
  • How will we configure? – What capabilities are required and how will deliver these? What are the specific programmes we need to deliver?…

M&A strategy

  • How can inorganic growth help us achieve our corporate objectives?
  • Which specific targets?
  • How do I integrate to maximise the value I achieve from each transaction?…

Delivery of strategic programmes

  • How should I structure the portfolio / programme to deliver the strategy?
  • How do I make sure it remains tightly aligned to the agreed strategy and continues to deliver value for the organisation?
  • How should the portfolio respond to events and/or changes in circumstances?

Specialist capabilities

  • What else do I need to consider as I develop and implement my strategy?
  • How could more fully embedding our purpose make us more successful?
  • What strategic risks are we facing and how do we address these?

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Ways to get more value

Understand that strategy demands choices. Because organisations rarely have sufficient resources, it is critical to identify, stay focused on, and make effective choices about which markets to compete in and how to succeed in those markets. We help leadership teams to imagine options and agree to a set of critical choices and actions.

Appropriately integrate strategic choices across the enterprise to realize the full power of an aligned organisation. It’s important to make connections across the business that link strategic aspirations and choices with operating models and investments so the work of the organisation adds up to competitiveness in the market.

Seek aligned action from the top. With clear strategy choices made and the organisation working harmoniously toward that strategy, senior executives should be effective stewards of the strategy over time, championing the strategy consistently across functions, investments, and activities and making decisions that keep their functional areas moving in the same direction.

Thinking disruptively to define the full potential. Traditional sectors are being disrupted in a number of ways. Customers expect more; digital enables a fundamentally different way of delivering value. To identify and assess different choices, executives need to combine sector and business intimacy, with innovative and disruptive thinking.

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Key contacts

Richard Hobbs

Richard Hobbs

UK Policing Lead

Richard is Deloitte’s policing lead for the UK. In this role Richard oversees all of our transformation support to the Police Service – at local and national levels. Richard is also a leader in our UK... More

Simon Brew

Simon Brew


Simon joined Deloitte in 2007 as a Partner and has over 25 years experience in defining and delivering cost reduction and asset management projects to clients in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United St... More