The challenge

When it comes to optimising your supply chain, we understand that it’s never straight forward. ​Meeting your customer service targets whilst minimising costs associated with operating production facilities and overall levels of inventory, is no easy feat. And with growing portfolios and the increased pace of changing consumer preferences, it is becoming ever more important to remain competitive in meeting their needs.

​Making sure you make the right decisions across these competing objectives for an efficient and cost effective supply chain, requires insight that spans all three of these objectives – together. ​You need to see the full picture in order to strike the right balance and, you need to see it ahead of time.

​That’s where SupplyCycle comes in.

​It’s a new way of optimising your supply chain, creating a digital copy of your factory operations to test millions of possible scenarios without disrupting your current production operations. It gives you robust, statistically sound insights that perfectly balance consumer demand, production and inventory - before implementation. The result? Reduced operating costs, reduced inventories and smoother operations, all whilst maintaining exceptional customer service levels.


Reduction of
changeover times

SupplyCycle’s simulation engine can optimise your factory operations to drive efficiency, improve asset utilisation and increase overall productivity. It can free-up capacity and reduce overtime therefore allowing deferral of asset spend.

Optimisation of
inventory holdings

SupplyCycle can determine your optimum level of inventory balanced against safety stocks and customer service targets. This can result in reduced net working capital, improved space utilisation and reduced storage costs.

Supply chain

Through SupplyCycle you can realise improved customer service levels, increased plan and schedule stability and therefore reduce any reactive behaviour.


It enables flexible optimisation of production and inventory parameters through scenario modelling, enabling you to explore your options when you have evolving business requirements.

Easily integrates with
existing systems

SupplyCycle is easy to implement, working with and complimenting existing supply chain planning tools.

Typically delivers a
ROI in year 1

The speed-to-value for a SupplyCycle deployment is high, enabling business benefits and operational stability to be realised quickly. In practice this means payback periods can be only a few weeks.


SKU segmentation optimisation (based on volume and sales patterns)

Production sequencing

Production frequency optimisation

Production wheel optimisation

Statistically-set inventory levels

Simple integration

Cloud hosted (access via your web browser)

Configurable to your factory set-up

A global solution, backed by 30 years of expertise

Our global network can support you regardless of where your production facilities are located. And, with 30 years of supply chain expertise, we're ready and able to help you drive performance improvement in your supply chain operations,
through the power of SupplyCycle.

How it works

Supplycycle Laptop 1 Supplycycle Laptop 1 Supplycycle Laptop 1 Supplycycle Laptop 1 Supplycycle Laptop 1

How it works

Upload data

Optimise segmentation

Begin inventory simulation

Determine optimal production frequency and sequence

Tailor production to real-life constraints

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