Deloitte Indirect Tax Survey 2020

Deloitte’s 2020 Indirect Tax Survey was undertaken to understand and share priorities that our clients have. The businesses that took part in the survey told us the following:

  • They have big responsibilities! – most of the respondents are employed by large multi-national organisations but work in relatively small teams responsible for accurately reporting very large amounts of tax. 
  • VAT is truly a global tax – two thirds of respondents have responsibilities for managing indirect taxes outside of the UK.
  • Getting it right continues to be the main aim of indirect tax managers – compliance and improving systems were the overwhelming priority of respondents.
  • Businesses adopt a variety of approaches in ensuring they report indirect tax liabilities correctly – there is no clear trend to insourcing, outsourcing, centralising or decentralising indirect tax compliance. 
  • Indirect tax is a boardroom issue for most organisations, with the VAT and duty implications of Brexit being a significant reason for this. 
  • Pleasingly, the quality of respondents’ relationships with HMRC is both high and stable.
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